Hall of Fame Dinner 2019

For the first time since 2007, the Canandaigua USBC hosted our Hall of Fame Induction Dinner on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at King's Catering and Party House.

The 2019 inductees include the following men and women:

Bernie Pierce Jr - Bowling Achievement/Accomplishments
Jon Barkley - Outstanding Service
Sam Olney - Outstanding Service

Gail Tiller - Distinguished Service - Coaching, Sponsorship
Lynda Wood - Bowling Achievement/Accomplishments
Heidi Kraft - Outstanding Service

                        Gail Tiller was inducted for her Meritorious Service in the coaching arena. She has served                          over 35 years as a youth bowling coach and is currently a Level 2 coach with the                         Canandaigua USBC.  She is a Registered Youth Volunteer. For the past three years she has                         been the Chairperson of the Canandaigua USBC Youth Committee. Gail has served as a youth delegate to the NYS  convention for 22 years. She has been a director on both the Victor and Canandaigua board of directors for 20 years. She has served on the Canandaigua USBC Committee and the Canandaigua Bowling Association Youth Committee for 20 years. In addition to her junior bowling duties, Gail has been active as a director for the Lake Country 600 Club for the past 22 years. She also currently holds the position of Vice President of the Monday Night Rio Tomatlan Misfits League. In May 2019, Gail was appointed as a director to the Canandaigua USBC Association.

                        Sam Olney was inducted for Outstanding Service. Sam’s dedication to the sport led him to                         take on duties of a league officer. He spent over 25 years combined as the                         secretary-treasurer of the Monday Nite Recreation League at Raceway Lanes and the                         Tuesday ARC League at Roseland Bowl. Sam stated that he was always a shoo-in for the                         league duties as he always ran unopposed for the job. The best part of league bowling was the camaraderie amongst our league members.  

                        Heidi Kraft was inducted for Outstanding Service. Heidi’s nominator stated that “she                         embarked on her duties of a league secretary of the ETN (Every Thursday Night League)                         with extreme grace. She is always friendly, enthusiastic and more than willing to assist in                         whatever needed to be done. She is the epitome of great sportsmanship!”  
                        Those are the qualities of a leader! Heidi stated her goal was to create a fun experience in her Thursday night league. She created mini tournaments during the league season. There was the Pumpkin Shootout in the fall, the Christmas Stocking Shootout, a Valentine Wine Shootout and a High/Low Tournament where a high average bowler was paired with a low average bowler. Everyone’s birthday was celebrated during the league season too. The goal was to involve all the bowlers and create the best experience.  

                        Jon Barkley was inducted for his Outstanding Service. Jon has been served as both a                         secretary and president of several leagues since 1995. He has been a junior bowling coach                         for the past 21 years and is a certified Level 1 coach. He is president of the Canandaigua                         Academy Bowling Boosters Club for the past four years and for the past 13 years, has held                         the position of Association Manager for the Canandaigua USBC Association. Jon has been a delegate to the NYS annual meetings over the past 21 years.  
Jon has been instrumental in increasing entries in both the local Senior Tournament and the local association tournament. He has found innovative ways to develop more participation in our local Masters Tournament by opening it to other associations in the area.  
His personal achievements include a high average of 229, a high series of 822 and high game of 300. His past accomplishments include twelve 300 games, three of which were shot in the 2009-2010 season and four 800 series.  

                        Lynda Wood was inducted for her Bowling Achievements. In her early years in the adult                         leagues, Lynda averaged 165. Looking to become more competitive, she eventually moved                         to the scratch leagues and grew her average to 191 in her local association. That would not                         be her high average though. When Lynda began bowling in the traveling tournament                         leagues her average grew to 195!  From 1986 to 1996, Lynda, along with her powerhouse teammates, Debbi Crowe and Ellie McDermott, formed the Parkers Masonry team. They won the league championship for ten consecutive years! In this same league during the 1993-94 season is where Lynda scored a high game of 279, a high series of 701 and high average of 191. 
On January 9th she defeated Sandra Ranallo 227-202 in the final game at Empire Lanes.
On January 23rd she defeated Judy Koester 213-184 in the final game at North Park Lanes.
On February 6th she defeated Gina Specksgoor 199-187 in the final game at Olympic Bowl. 
In 1992 Lynda competed in the Rochester Women’s Bowling Association Queens Tournament where she placed 5th. In that same year she was the top seed in the Coors/North American Mint Joe Shullek’s Pro Shop event at Empire Lanes winning the tournament by defeating Joanne Jensen 218-189.  

                        Bernie Pierce, Jr. was inducted for his Bowling Achievements. When Bernie wasn’t                         bowling, he was doing small odds and ends jobs at the Hall on Lakeshore Drive. Bernie’s                         family remembers when he built the handicap ramp in the old bowling alley. Not only did he                         enjoy bowling himself, but he wanted others to be able to enjoy it as well. He was                         determined that everyone have access to the sport. In the early 90’s Bernie organized a kid’s bowling fundraiser, sponsored by Taylor Brown Hospital. The event had over 50 kids of all ages participate. By recycling trophies that he had received over the years, Bernie was able to donate all the trophies for the event. The proceeds from the fundraiser were used to help kids receive medical care in a hospital setting. It also helped to fund a mock emergency room for kids to bring in their favorite dolls and stuffed animals that needed healing.
Fundraisers and benefits were always at the top of Bernie’s to do list. He never turned anyone away, especially the kids when they were having school, sports and church fundraisers. He bowled at several other lanes for tournaments, benefits and fundraisers.  
Bernie was always bowling and receiving awards and trophies. There were so many that have been lost track of, but two that are accounted for are from his 1997-1998 season: The Les Adams Tournament – Champion in all events and the ARC League – Sportsmanship Award.  

Hall of Fame Members
Adams, Les - 1992
Webb, Art - 1992
Lowell, Owen - 1992
Bowman, Don - 1993
Personale, Michael - 1993
Kautz, Leonard - 1993
Cotterell, Edward - 1993
Hinds, Leonard - 1994
Rayburn, William - 1994
D'Agostino, James - 1994
Schaefer, Robert "Lee" - 1994
Schenk, John - 1995
Muscato, Francis - 1995
Personale, Richard - 1995
Walker, Samuel Jr - 1995
Angelo, Ron - 1996
Cummings, Stanley - 1996
Haag, Dick - 1996
Kent, Doug - 1997
VanTroost, Steve - 1997
Binder, Rick Sr - 1998
Park, George - 1998
Berryman, Claude - 1998
Salato, Ralph - 1999
Moran, Jack - 1999
Sands, Marvin - 1999
Abbott, Samuel - 2000
Ogden, Kenneth - 2000
Jenkins, Larry - 2000
Walker, Charles - 2001
Muscato, Ken - 2001
Emerson, Al (Lindy) - 2001
Lenzi, Michael - 2002
D'Agostino, Joseph - 2002
Hoose, Norman (Skip) - 2002
Frantel, Jon - 2003
Catalfamo, Rocco - 2003
Caruso, Vincent - 2003
Pritchard, Christopher - 2005
Miller, Edward - 2005
Potter, Kenneth Sr - 2006
Pietropaolo, Rocco Sr, -2006
Pierce, James - 2006
Cooper, Paul - 2007
Trautman, Phil - 2007
Jeudevine, Francis (Judy)- 2007
Pierce, Bernie Jr - 2019
Barkley, Jon - 2019
Olney, Sam - 2019

Cutri, Kate - 1992
Oskamp Millie - 1992
Walker, Viola - 1992
Pierce, Helen - 1993
VanHouten, Alice - 1993
Mitchell, Millie - 1993
McGuire, Tina - 1993
Bailey, Mary Jane - 1994
Stopka, Eunice - 1994
Lempert, Ann - 1994
Watts, Shirley - 1994
Taylor, Beverly - 1995
Perrotto, Rose - 1995
Dennehy, Jane - 1995
Lyons, Elaine - 1995
Walker, Virginia - 1996
Brahm, Jacena - 1996
Eatherly, Donna - 1996
Savage Luverne - 1997
Moore, Helen - 1997
Knapp, Hazel - 1998
Phippen, Lucille - 1998
Klug, Doris- 1999
Hoose,Adelaide - 1999
Bailey, Noreta - 1999
Pratt, Doris - 2000
Vaughan, Jean - 2000
Rowles, Christine - 2000
Personale, Sonja - 2001
Van Troost, Virginia - 2001
Sanders, Sandy - 2001
Bournival, Cheryl - 2002
Comisso, Charlene - 2002
Walker, Janet - 2002
Zimmerman, Frances - 2003
Perry-Twitchell, Joyce - 2003
Malark, Mary - 2003
Gardner, Elaine - 2005
Vallee Helen - 2005
Goff Janet - 2006
Milton, Martha - 2006
Ammerman, Marlene - 2007
Perkins, Dona - 2007
McDermott, Ellie - 2007
Tiller, Gail - 2019
Wood, Lynda - 2019 
Kraft, Heidi - 2019 

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