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Our Senior Tournament for ages 50 and over will be held on Saturday February 29, 2020. One squad will be held starting at 12:30pm with the top 8 advancing to match play.  Entry fee is $40 if paid by February 27.

Download 2020 Senior Tournament entry form here

Our Masters Tournament will be held on Saturday and Sunday April 18 and 19th, 2020. 2 squads will be held starting at 11am and 2:30pm with the top 8 advancing to round robin match play on Sunday. Entry fee is $60 if paid by April 16th.  New this year is a separate 199 average and under division with one squad at 11am.  More details to come shortly once we release the entry forms.

Click on the Hall of Fame link on the left to see details on our Hall of Fame Dinner on September 28, 2019.


May 15, 2019 – More than 27 members attended the Canandaigua USBC Annual Meeting where Jean Vaughan was elected President replacing the retiring Sonja Personale who has been involved with the Canandaigua Womens Bowling Association and the Canandaigua USBC Association.  Sonja has given over 30 years of service and has been the current President for the last 9 years.

Gail Tiller was voted in to replace Sonja on the board.  Tiller has been a longtime coach in the Saturday morning Junior Leagues where she is Youth Committee chairman and has been a previous member of the Womens Board of Directors.

Also being re-elected to her board position are Maresse Wager-Walawender.

In addition, the various association committees provided their reports for the season and tournament winners were presented with the plaques.

Association Tournament winners were announced and checks were handed out.

New legislation effective Aug. 1, 2019, only a dry towel can be used to clean a bowling ball during competition, and effective Aug. 1, 2020, balance holes on balls will be eliminated, meaning that any hole in a ball must be used for gripping purposes and all holes must be used on every delivery.  Another change effective on Aug. 1, 2020 is that a bowling ball’s oil absorption rate must be more than two minutes, 15 seconds for the ball to be approved.


All squads have been completed and the Prize List is complete and all scores finalized.  Checks will be handed out at the Annual Meeting at the Elks on May 15th.

Current Standings OFFICIAL as of 5/9/19 here
Prize List for Tournament here

MARCH 31st 2019

Pictured from left is runner up Craig Cummings, Tournament Director Jon Barkley and Masters Champion Ken Haslip

   1.Ken Haslip381 (2 games)$375
2.Craig Cummings   181 (1 game)$200
3.Bill Hasiotis411 (2 games)$125
4.Josh Means130 (1 game)$100

Ken Haslip won his first Canandaigua USBC Masters title with a 190-181 victory over Craig Cummings in the finals.  Haslip was the number two seed heading into the finals so he needed to win two matches to claim the title.

Match #1 saw the number 3 seed and two-time champion Bill Hasiotis defeat 4 seed Josh Means by a score of 221-130.  Hasiotis’ double in the 2nd and 3rd frame made the difference in the match as Means had trouble getting lined up on the difficult 50ft oil pattern and was unable to strike.  Hasiotis kept the ball in play and left simple spares for himself and stayed clean.   221 ended up being the highest game of the day for any bowler.  Means finishes in 4th place.

The second match featured Hasiotis vs two seed Ken Haslip. Hasiotis fell behind early missing a 10 pin and leaving the 4-6-7-9-10 “greek church”.  Haslip had no open frames during his game so it took a 3 bagger for Hasiotis to pull back even again by frame 7.  The difference in the end was Haslip’s strike in the 9th frame.  Hasiotis finished with 190 forcing Haslip to get a mark and 8 pins to win.  Haslip picks his spare and gets 8 on his final shot to pull out a 1 pin victory.   Hasiotis finishes in third place.  The final score was 191-190

The championship match was another narrow match as Haslip faced Craig Cummings the tournament leader.  Once again, Haslip stayed clean and Cummings fell behind with a missed 10 pin in the 3rd frame and a split in the 8th.  Cummings was able to close the gap with a double.  Haslip finished the match 1st with his first open frame in the finals to shoot 190.  Cummings needed the first 2 strikes in the 10th to come from behind and win.  He gets the first strike but was unable to get the 2nd to finish with 181.  

Ken Haslip was crowned the 2018-19 Canandaigua USBC Masters Champion.  He took home $375 for the win and a championship plaque which will be awarded at the Canandaigua USBC Annual Meeting on Wednesday May 15 at the Elks Club in Canandaigua. Craig Cummings won $ 200 for his second place finish.

March 2, 2019
Roseland Bowl

Pictured from left is Lee Armison, Phil Kirkwood, and Tournament Director Jon Barkley

1.Lee Armison$450
 2.Phil Kirkwood$225
3-4.Dale Laska$130
3-4. Ralph Styer$130

Scores – Round of 8
Lee Armison def Kevin Kirkwood 250-225
Dale Laska def Jamie Labrake 248-209
Ralph Styer def Todd Hosbach 210(29)-210(28)
Phil Kirkwood def Trey Talbott 223-219

Scores – Round of 4
Armison def Laska 262-221
P Kirkwood def Styer 253-220

Championship Match
Armison def P Kirkwood 283-245

Lee Armison won his 1st Canandaigua USBC Senior Tournament title by defeating Phil Kirkwood 283-245 in the championship match.  Armison got better as the went along.  He shot a 243 scratch 3rd game of qualifying to make the cut by 4 pins and then was not tested during the final 3 games.  He finished the championship match with a 258 scratch game to take home the first place winners plaque.  Armison picks up a $450 check for the win.  Phil Kirkwood picked up $225 for his 2nd place finish.  The tournament had a record 40 entries so thanks go out to all the participants.

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