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MARCH 30th and 31st

Our Annual Masters Tournament entry form is now available.  New this year is that Finger Lakes USBC bowlers are now eligible to bowl.  Defending champion is Dan Keenan.  Forms available at Roseland Bowl or here.
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March 2, 2019
Roseland Bowl

Pictured from left is Lee Armison, Phil Kirkwood, and Tournament Director Jon Barkley

1.Lee Armison$450
2.Phil Kirkwood$225
3-4.Dale Laska$130
3-4. Ralph Styer$130

Scores – Round of 8
Lee Armison def Kevin Kirkwood 250-225
Dale Laska def Jamie Labrake 248-209
Ralph Styer def Todd Hosbach 210(29)-210(28)
Phil Kirkwood def Trey Talbott 223-219

Scores – Round of 4
Armison def Laska 262-221
P Kirkwood def Styer 253-220

Championship Match
Armison def P Kirkwood 283-245

Lee Armison won his 1st Canandaigua USBC Senior Tournament title by defeating Phil Kirkwood 283-245 in the championship match.  Armison got better as the went along.  He shot a 243 scratch 3rd game of qualifying to make the cut by 4 pins and then was not tested during the final 3 games.  He finished the championship match with a 258 scratch game to take home the first place winners plaque.  Armison picks up a $450 check for the win.  Phil Kirkwood picked up $225 for his 2nd place finish.  The tournament had a record 40 entries so thanks go out to all the participants.

Click here for Senior Tournament entry form

April 15, 2018
Roseland Bowl, Canandaigua, NY

1.Dan Keenan  489 (2 games)$750
2.Mark Scuderi193 (1 game) $375
3.Matteo Cittadino 480 (2 games)$260
4.Bill Hasiotis   208 (1 game) $175

Pictured here is runner up Mark Scuderi,  Champion Dan Keenan, and Tournament Director Jon Barkley.

Dan Keenan won his first Canandaigua USBC Masters title with a 233-193 victory over Mark Scuderi in the finals. 

Keenan, who is the District Manager for Jeremiah’s Tavern, finished the 4 games of qualifying and 8 games or match play in 2nd place so he needed two wins to grab the title.

In the stepladder finals, the first match saw the number 4 seed and youth bowler Matteo Cittadino defeat the two time defending champion Bill Hasiotis by a score of 235-208.  Cittadino who was just coming off his first try at the National USBC Masters Tournament had a very successful tournament here in Canandaigua. In his match against Hasiotis, Cittadino raced out to an early 40 pin lead after four frames as Matteo struck the first four shots while Hasiotis had 1 open and 1 strike.  Cittadino was able to hold on at the end as Hasiotis left a couple of 10 pins that ruined his chance to three-peat as Masters Champion.  Hasiotis finishes in 4th place.

The second match featured Cittadino versus Dan Keenan.  Keenan and Cittadino started out tight with each making a couple of errant shots but converted the spares.  The difference in the match was at the end where Keenan strung 6 strikes in a row between the 5th and 10th frames.  Cittadino left a 4 pin and a 10 pin back to back in the 5th and 6th which resulted in the margin of victory.  Keenan was able to shutout Cittadino in the 10th with a mark which he did.  Cittadino finishes in third place.  The final score was 256-245 in a high scoring match.

In the championship match, Keenan faced off against Mark Scuderi.  Scuderi was red hot after throwing a 300 game in game 3 and an 802 for games 2, 3, and 4 of match play.  Scuderi chose to start the match being the top seed.  The bowlers were even after the first 5 frames but a double by Keenan in the 5th and 6th frames gave him a small lead heading into the 8th frame where a ringing 10 pin by Scuderi hurt him to put pressure on Keenan to keep striking.  Without the three bagger going into the 10th, Keenan only needed a mark in the 10th to shut out Scuderi and a mark he got it with getting the first strike in the 10th.  The final score was Keenan with a 233 and Scuderi with a 193.

Dan Keenan was crowned the 2017-18 Canandaigua USBC Masters Champion.  He took home $750 for the win and a championship plaque which will be awarded at the Canandaigua USBC Annual Meeting on Wednesday May 23 at the Elks Club in Canandaigua.  Mark Scuderi won $375 for his second place finish.

Talking to Keenan after the match about his strategy for the day, “As far as my lane play and strategy, after trying to play straighter inside, I decided I was in the wrong part of the lane. The middles were pretty flat, so I decided to change the surface on my Radical Intel to 500 and move right and play the gutter. I only shot 180 the first game, but I knew I had to remain patient. Once the lanes broke down, I was able to put up a good set. I went into match play with the same thought process. I knew I had to stay patient and grind out some wins, as I knew the lanes were going to be just as hard. I knew with the talent level I was really going to have to work hard for the number one seed. I knew Matteo Cittadino, Bill Hasiotis, and Mark Scuderi were all going to be tough opponents and I felt like the best chance at winning was to avoid having to bowl all three of them.”

Congratulations to Dan Keenan on his Canandaigua USBC Masters title.

Dates for the 2018-19 Bowl for the Cure
We have made a change where our Bowl for the Cure will be held in October.  Stay tuned for exact date in October of 2019.

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