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Winners named for the Michael Personale Youth Association,the NYS Scholarship Tournament and the Pepsi Tournament
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Tournament Dates announced
See below for our tournament dates for the 2016-17 season.  Some adjustments have been made due to scheduling issues now that Roseland Bowl has 34 lanes.  Mark your calendars now!

Senior Tournament - March 11 at 12:30pm
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Canandaigua USBC Masters - April 1-2 11am and 2:00pm
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Canandaigua USBC Association Tournament - TBA

Paul Schrader wins the Canandaigua USBC Handicap Sweeper
November 12, 2016

Pictured from left to right is runner up Edwin Moore, Champion Paul Schrader, and Tournament Director Jon Barkley

Scores – Round of 4
Edwin Moore defeats Don Sheive  231-213
Paul Schrader defeats Debbie Potter 230-223
Schrader defeats Moore 246-192

Paul Schrader won the Canandaigua USBC Handicap Sweeper  title by defeating  Edwin Moore in the finals by a score of 246-192.   The final match started with both staying clean for the first three frames but then Moore left a 1-3-6-7 washout and then only got one pin on a double to lose the lead he would not recover from.  The match stayed close until the seventh frame when Moore went back to back opens and then Schrader tripled from the seventh until the ninth frame to seal the match and the title.  Schrader earned  $135 for the win.  Moore picked up $85 for his 2nd place finish.

Canandaigua USBC Annual Meeting Wrap Up.
At our Annual Meeting on May 19th, we did not have a quorum to have a meeting.  A new meeting was scheduled for Tuesday September 13th at Roseland Bowl and that meeting had a quorum.  A new bylaw resolution based where the Annual Meeting quorum number was adjusted from 30 to 15 due to declining membership.  Also, the following people were re-elected to a new 3 year term effective 8/1/16.

President – Sonja Personale
Director – Paula Shoff
Director – Stephanie Alexander
Director – Don Yarger

Association Tournament is Complete, Grape Crushers win in Womens Team event.  Nicole Brink shoots 701 in singles to take all events.
The 2016 version of our Association Tournament is complete.  The dates are Monday 4/11/16, Friday 4/15/16, Wednesday 4/27/16 (Proprietor Squad), and Thursday 5/5/16.  All these squads start at 7pm.  Proprietor Squad will include pizza. 

11 womens teams have bowled so far and the Grape Crushers team from the Tuesday T League is in the lead with a 2,677 total.  Team members are Valerie Cunningham, Geri Rowley, Jan Walker, and Bev Safford.

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Paul Demay wins the 2016 Canandaigua USBC Senior Masters
March 12, 2016
Roseland Bowl

Pictured is runner up Don Sheive, Tournament Director Jon Barkley, and Champion Paul Demay

1.Paul Demay$300
2.Don Sheive $150
3.Vinny Greco$100
4. Paul Schrader$100

Scores – Round of 8
Don Sheive def Linda Christensen 214-186
Paul Schrader def Phil Kirkwood 254-188
Paul Demay def Greg D’Imperio 232-216
Vinny Greco def Dan Shoff 249-214

Scores – Round of 4
Sheive def Schrader 238-200
Demay def Greco 288-260

Demay def Sheive 234-192


Paul Demay won his 1st Canandaigua USBC Senior Masters title by defeating Don Sheive 234-192 in the championship match.  The final match was a struggle for both players as the lanes were hooking.  Demay started the match with a strike and then Sheive went spare-strike.  Demay’s key frame in the match came in the second frame.  Demay left a 6-8 split and then converted the spare to stay clean and not fall further behind Sheive.  Demay got the crowd pumped up with the spare.  Then in the 3rd, Demay left a 4-6 split and almost converted that too.  Sheive stayed clean for 5 frames picking a difficult 3-9-10 split in the 5th to stay close.  The sixth frame is where the match was decided as Sheive struggled with spares at the end and Demay filled 3 of 5 frames to take the victory.  Demay picks up $300 for the win.  Sheive picked up $150 for his 2nd place finish.

Record number of 256 bowlers bowled in the Bowl for the Cure Bowl-a-thon on Friday Feb 5 and Saturday Feb 6.
Canandaigua USBC Bowl for the Cure donates $21,000 to Breast Health Navigation Program at the Dr. Laurie Sands and Constellation Brands Breast Imaging Center at UR Medicine’s Thompson Health in Canandaigua and $1,000 to Susan Komen for the Cure in 2016.

April 1, 2016 - Once again, the Canandaigua USBC and Roseland Bowl raised money during our Bowl for the Cure events in February and a total of $21,000 was donated to the Breast Health Navigation Program at the Dr. Laurie Sands and
Constellation Brands Breast Imaging Center at UR Medicine’s Thompson Health and $1,000 to Susan Komen as a result.  Thanks to the BFC Committee and all participants who helped.

Shawn Labrake and Scott Culp Presented Plaques for shooting highest doubles series last season in the Country
On March 19, 2015, Shawn Labrake and Scott Culp rolled the highest two person series in all of USBC during the 2014-15 season with a total of 1640.  Shawn tossed an 836 on games of 279, 279, and 278 while Scott had an 804 on games of 247, 289, and 268.  This score was bowled in the Thursday Roseland Majors League on the WTBA Athens sport shot pattern.  Presenting the plaques from USBC is Canandaigua USBC Association President Sonja Personale.  Congratulations to Shawn and Scott!

Bill Hasiotis wins the 2015-16 Canandaigua USBC Masters Tournament
November 8, 2015
Roseland Bowl, Canandaigua, NY

Pictured here left to right is runner up Jerry Brunette Jr, Champion Bill Hasiotis, and Tournament Director Jon Barkley


1.Bill Hasiotis239 (1 game)$450
  2.Jerry Brunette Jr708 (3 games)$250
3.William Stoddard167 (1 game)$200
  4.Joshua Means211 (1 game)$150

Bill Hasiotis wins his 1st Canandaigua USBC Masters title with a 239-189 victory over Jerry Brunette Jr. in the finals.  The victory was the Greece NY native’s first victory in a Masters event for either Canandaigua or Rochester as a new rule allowed members of the Rochester USBC to bowl for the first time.

Hasiotis won from the tournament leader’s position which he did not take over until the 8th and final game of match play.  He started match play in the 7th position but climbed the standings steadily averaging 239 over the 8 games and posting a 6-2 match play record which was best of the 8 bowlers.

The first match of the day saw Jerry Brunette Jr defeat Josh Means by a score of 281-211.  Brunette poured on the heat early with 10 consecutive strikes to not give Means a chance in the match.  Means had trouble finding the strike line.  The lefty from Rochester’s bid for 300 came to an end when he left the 4-6-7-8-10 greek church on his 11th shot..  Means ends up in 4th place.

Brunette’s next match was against William Stoddard from Henrietta.  This match was a struggle in the first half of the game where each bowler had a open frame and Brunette had a 10 pin lead after 5 frames.  Stoddard’s undoing came in the 6th and 7th fram with back to back splits that he was unable to convert.  Brunette finished with the final 6 strikes to finish with a 238-167 victory to move on to the finals against Hasiotis.  Stoddard finishes in 3rd place.

The title match between Hasiotis and Brunette saw a fast start by both bowlers.  A third frame stone 8 pin by Brunette stopped him from matching Hasiotis in the first four frames.    Hasiotis was stopped by a 4 pin in the 6th frame to end his run of strikes.  The key shot was Brunette leaving a 4-6-7 split in the sixth frame and Brunette was unable to recover.  Hasiotis stayed clean to finish the match and gain the victory.  Hasiotis wins 239-189 to win the title.  Hasiotis picked up a check for $450 for the victory and a champions plaque.

Hasiotis about his title:  “My strategy was to get out to a quick start and put pressure on Jerry immediately.  I knew I needed a big game to beat him as he was bowling well.  I played a pretty tight line as too much hook for me got me in trouble”.


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